[text] Let's get best friend tattoos, you get a cute little moon on your wrist and I'll get a cute little sun on mine.

[ text ] How long did it take you to come up with that, really, I wanna know.

[text] You're a slut.

[ text ] And you’re a whore, what else is new.

[text] Are you aware on how much you mean to me?

[ text ] on a scale from one to ten how much have you had to drink, brooks?

[text] You'll always be my best friend, loser.

[text] You’re such a sap. 
[text] You already know I’d probably /die/ without you so whatever.

[text] You're number one, duh.

[ text ] I’ve always been number one.


Thea Queen - 2.01 “City of Heroes”